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Technology solutions and systems integration are services related to the research, development and deployment of systems integration and network building applications. With the goals to combine discrete applications, processes, or systems, make sure they work closely together as a whole.


Government, Ministries, Departments

 Big Corporation

 Small & Midium Sized Enterprise



 Financial Services Industry (FSI)


 Multinational Enterprise (FDI)

 Construction & Real Estate

3. Consulting & Designing infrastructure system IT:

Identify technical & business requirements

Investigate the current network

Overall design

Detailed design

Provide plans & detailed design

4. IT system implement:

Gathering customers’ system information: Presenting the status of the system, the premise for the next steps of IT system deployment services.

  Provide customers the implementation plan, system integration: Provide customers with the optimal solution in terms of deployment, integration of new systems. Ensure the security and confidentiality of the old system (if any).

  Provide customers the operational procedures: Provide the operational procedures for IT systems that meet the standards for information security and safety.

  Provide customers a complete IT system solution: an IT system that best meets the requirements of production and business for the total investment of customers.

5. Optimize IT Network:

Investigate and analyse to figure out the weaknesses of system, potential risks that may affect the operation of business.

Develop detailed technical solutions for each component of the system; server, network, system software (OS), system support software (data backup software, system administration software …), power system – UPS, , anti-lightning system… 

Submit technical reports and offer clients the appropriate solutions

Consult to build network security policies for businesses

Implement patches and optimize system for customers.

6. Security Solutions:

 Network infrastructure security: focus on IT infrastructure security, against unauthorized access attacks, detecting vulnerabilities and network vulnerabilities.

Products used to enhance network security are the latest and most advanced products from Cisco (ASA series 5500, Firewall service module, SRX Series, Checkpoint (UTM-1, Power-first). 

Web and Email Security: solutions to attack and infection through Web access and email transactions such as spyware, viruses, spam. 

SouthStreet specializes in providing Web and email security products such as Cisco, Barracuda, Sophos …Secure access: Includes remote access VPN solutions and secure wireless access solutions such as Cisco (ASA series SSL / IPSec VPN, Secure Access Control, NAC, Adaptive Wireless IPS, Wireless controller)

7. Maintenance services:

Enterprise IT team often face the challenges of maintaining and troubleshooting new technology which is complex and often face changing requirements to ensure the availability for business system. At the same time, businesses have struggled to keep trained network engineers and hopefully reduce their human expenditures to a minimum.