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South Street’s visit at Maybank and public administration center in Malaysia

Last day in Malaysia, Lua Zin Paul (Technical Sales Manager) took the South Street Board of Directors to visit Maybank and the public administration center in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. In Malaysia, 90% of banks, public administrative centers (hospitals, tax, grievance …) use GMS solutions. Sharing when visiting the delegation, Mr. Lua said:

We are very proud of the QMS (intelligent queuing) solution that brings convenience to Malaysians. In Malaysia there is almost no scene jostling, pushing at the hospital or the administrative center. As everyone can get tickets from afar, service timers are clearly notified by phone. Everything is very easy and fast. This helps to reduce the burden on state employees as it brings comfort to the people. We are happy to bring this convenience to Vietnam.

Here are some photos of the tour in Malaysia:


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