At 18 Tam Trinh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, South Street Investment & Consultancy Joint Stock Company’s headquarter, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between South Street Investment & Consultancy Joint Stock Company) and General Microsystems SdnBhd (GMS) – Malaysia partner. The ceremony was presided over by Dr. Nguyen Chi Thanh (Chairman of South Street Investment and Consultancy Joint Stock Company) and Simon Soo Hu (CEO).

In a dignified and professional atmosphere, President Nguyen Chi Thanh shared the opportunities and challenges in Vietnam. Vietnam is now one of the fastest developing countries. The government of Vietnam is very focused on using the power of the 4.0 technology revolution to improve the efficiency of public administration, finance, banking and construction. Dr. Nguyen Chi Thanh appreciated the partnership of GMS Queue Management System. President Nguyen Chi Thanh emphasized:


“This is a breakthrough, a breakthrough solution and it has changed the face of public services … in Malaysia. We would like to do the same in Vietnam. “


GMS representative Simon Soo Hu thanked the chairman for his decision to cooperate with GMS. Mr. Simon said he is very satisfied with the professionalism, enthusiasm and potential of South Street. He appreciated the qualified staff, had absorbed all of South Street’s GMS technology. Mr. Simon said:


“GMS is very pleased to be partnering with South Street which has key professional and efficient team members to deliver strategic customer centric solutions to their clients. They are amongst one of best partner that we have worked with in 25 different countries. “


After signing the cooperation agreement, South Street and GMS officials discussed the plan in the near future. It is expected that South Street will soon introduce intelligent queuing solutions to some banks in Vietnam. At the end of the discussion, President Cheng reminded the leaders and technicians:


“The mastering and implementation the QMS solution must be learnt as soon as possible. This will help transform the entire customer experience for public services, banking, taxation, hospitals, etc. We must identify – we will research and develop the best, latest technology.andthe most quintessential. Success will come to us if we really work with dedication and determination to apply high technology, bring effective, long-term benefits to customers.


Some images of the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement: