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Our Services

Technology & professional services

Established as an IT Solutions and Service Consulting company, our company have experience in IT field and we are proud that we can provide best IT equipment from reputable international suppliers to solve IT problems facing client and enhance their information systems. In the era of Internet of Things (IoT) and the movement toward Industry 4.0, we are one of the pioneers providing innovative IT solutions in the local market.


We push Queue Management to its full potential. We offer clients the vendor who has built a reputation of quality, flexibility and excellent customer support in the Queue Management business. The company’s complete queue management solutions don’t just take the hassle out of queuing: they also act as powerful enterprise logistics tools.

Financial service

The demand for loan has continuously been increasing for the last few years in Vietnam but the current procedure for loan at the majority of banks in Vietnam is still highly manual, complicated, and time-consuming. Therefore, with highly-experienced experts in the financial & banking sector, we provide consulting service to help our customers simplify the loan procedure and to make the loan process smoother.


Due to rising foreign investment in Vietnam, we recruit highly capable market analysts to provide reliable and valuable market research reports with fact-based, rigorously quantified evaluations to those international firms that intend to invest in Vietnam through M&A in various fields as an integral part of their global growth strategy.

Real Estate & Construction

The real estate market has recently been booming in Vietnam as a result of economic development and growing population. Thus, we participate in projects that focus on building apartments in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city for accommodation as well as office for rent. At the same time, we provide consulting service to help our customers manage their property profitably and sustainably.