Internship opportunities

Internship opportunities

In order to create conditions, support for young talents Southstreet bring to the last year students, fresh graduates opportunities to practice free training from: 2-3 months (Training costs will be public. All training costs are not covered by training participants.

– Participate in the onjob training process from 2-3 months depending on the position of application for analysis of financial investment, M & A, real estate or IT languages ​​Programming JAVA, PHP, Android, iOS, ..

– Participate in research frameworks, software system architecture.

– Participate in projects with customers that Southstreet is doing if it meets the requirements of the job.


After the interview will have 1-1.5 months of basic training, working procedures, familiar with the real working environment in the company, ….

The rest of the training process will be taught in the programming languages.

After the training process, if the progress and meet the requirements set by the company, will be selected to stay in the company to continue to receive paid salaries and work at the company.

– Have the opportunity both practice and pay

– Practice in a young, dynamic and creative environment.

– Be trained onjob with the knowledge and skills to complete the job well.

– To promote their strengths.

– Be involved in Southstreet projects.

– Have the opportunity to attend language classes according to the company’s support policy

– Have the opportunity to interact with partners / customers

– Have the opportunity to become an official member of Southstreet with attractive income.

Job requirements

Professional capacity, certificate:

– Students in year 3, year 4 or have graduated from University of Finance, Accounting, Economics, IT, Mathematics or other related fields.

– Good academic performance

– Have knowledge of the related application

* Other requirements:

– Hard, able to research, learn new issues

– Enthusiastic, sociable, able to work in a team

– Bridge and active in the work

* Prioritize:

– Especially preferred students are studying in the program of training talented bachelors, high quality engineers … Or students taking the exam / scientific research held by the school.

– English reading comprehension.

– Priority will be given to applicants

File requirements

– Job application.

– Curriculum vitae.

– Household registration, identity card and health certificate.

– The relevant qualifications.

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