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Financial Service



Financial consulting is defined as the strategic service in our business. Our key point in this service is to perfectly combine field knowledge with practical experience. Our professional team who graduated from well-known universities and have many years of work experience in accounting firms, stocks, securities, banking ,… and the corporation of a pool of experts from the same industry. We are proud to provide unlimited financial services to our valued customers with commitment to professional ethics, confidentiality, privacy and meeting all the quality requirements in a timeous response with reasonable price.

Our line of business consultants: Corporate investigation & valuation, Corporate restructure, Raising capital,…

Consulting service of restructuring the enterprise:

Southstreet not only provide consulting service but also offer clients financial solutions to help your business run more smoothly. During the consulting period, Southstreet always stand by your side to support and solve all the arising issues

Our processes:

Analysing and evaluating your current financial conditions;

Proposing plan & reorganizing your financial conditions (build a long-term capital, optimize the route of raising capital, vend assets in inefficient business fields, merge & acquire to improve competitive advantage,..);

Reorganizing the financial investment

Raising capital:

Southstreet provide raising capital service by offering shares, bonds, covered warrant and other stocks which are appropriate for enterprise and market.

Our processes:

Identify capital demand.

Identify the amount of capital requirement

Issue report of calling for partner’s investment.

Connect to sponsors.

Discuss on terms of sale.

Legal advices.

Drafting contract of capital purchase.

Other services:

Annual general meeting, annually financial consultants,…