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Banknote Sorter Machine

Banknote sorter machine

kisan electronics

Banknote sorter machines have been playing the role of familiar devices in today’s life, it has a very important meaning in monetary transactions, especially with transactions with large amounts of money exchanged back and forth.

These devices are especially meaningful to banking systems when the daily amount of money transactions between these units reach tens of billions of dong, which is impossible to count by hand. Not to mention, it can also cause unnecessary negligence or miscount the amount of money, affecting the bank itself and its partners.

Currently, South Street we are the official and exclusive distributor of Kisan Electronics’ product lines in the Vietnam market, including Banknote sorter machines, Deposit machines, and Cash processing system. Kisan Electronics provides a total solution from cash counting and sorting machines to comprehensive cash management software that can flexibly respond to a bank’s different cash management environments.

As for the Kisan line of banknote sorting machines, the machines offer high money processing speeds, up to 1500 bills per minute, smooth and efficient operation of bank cash centers, and functionality. “Automatic recognition” automatically recognizes different denominations and currencies which improves the productivity of bankers and provides a convenient working environment that allows them to focus on customer service. In addition, the advanced KAR counterfeiting technology applied to Kisan products can prevent counterfeit money flow and automatically collect/store data on the Serial number of the money to prevent any disputes. any disputes that may arise during the operation. This helps to provide a professional working environment that can enhance customer confidence and the bank’s image by preventing problems with cash handling. Features of Kisan’s banknote sorter machines:

  • Accurate, high counting and sorting speed (up to 1500 sheets/minute) saves users time
  • The ATM/FIT/UNFIT quality classification follows the standards of the State Bank of Vietnam
  • Using advanced detection sensor technology: Dual CIS, MG, IR, US
  • KAR . proprietary counterfeit money detection technology
  • Support tally and classify many different currencies (Up to 48 types can be updated)
  • Support centralized management software: KBMS
    • Support real-time data collection
    • Manage, update, check device errors remotely
    • Monitor device activity
    • Open API support
    • Serial number management: collect, search, manage blacklist
    • Statistics and data reports