South Street Representative visited General Microsystems (GMS)

On July 12, the management of SOUTH STREET CONSULTANCY AND INVESTMENT CORPORATION paid a working visit to General Microsystems Sdn Bhd. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement. South Street will be the sole representative of GMS in Vietnam. GMS representative Lua Zin Paul (Technical Sales Manager) led the South Street Board of Directors to visit the GMS line of smart queuing equipment. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Simon (CEO) shared:


We are very pleased to welcome the management of South Street. South Street is a company with high technical human resources, professional technology and professional working style. South Street also owns potential clients such as banks, financial companies, hospitals … in Vietnam. We hope the combination of South Street and GMS will bring high efficiency. We will bring intelligent queuing solutions to change and improve the quality of services for finance, banking, insurance, tax, hospitals … in Vietnam.


Some pictures of the South Street trip:



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